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I believe a DC line should be available to every home in America.
Municipalities should issue electric cars for local low speed uses.

Parking enforcment, Building departmet, DPW, Clerck, Councilmem, prisoner transport...

Rather than useing AC to DC these vehicals can be crarged  

 We have found and are devolping ways to produce electricity without emmiting greenhouse gasses. Some of these methods incude Solar Pannels, Wind Turbindes and Hydroelectrical. All of these creat DC "direct current" wich is stored in batteries and in most cases convverted into AC "alternating current".

 Here in lies a problem. Most elecrtonic equipment runs on DC current. In the home With the exception of washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners and other such motorised equpment most devices have transformers and rectifiers built in. This alone is inificiant and greatly wasts energry.

 Transformers work by magnetic flux and produce heat. This posess causes a contition known as heat loss. In most devices televisions, auio, visual equpment, computers... a small led is luminated even when it is off. Durring these off times power is being wasted. If you look at the divices in your own livingroom four or more are probably glowing.

One of the best exampeles of waste is the battery back up for a computer. 120 volts are supllied to a divice that charges a battery. If the power were to go out, the battery's current is converted to AC where it then is converted back into DC to power the computer for five to fifteen minutes. If there were a DC input on the computer the battery backup could last for hours.

If manufacturers were required to have a DC in puts on equpment and some standards were met the energy saved nation wide woulb be emence. Such standards would be, Outsied negative to ground. Input voltages of 1.5, 3 ,6, 9, 12, 18.5 24.

Consumers could purchace color coded step down adapters for older non standerized equipmemt.

With diffent voltage inputs, already existing plug sizes would be stanard 1.5 = micro, 3 = mini, 6 = small 9 = medium 12 = large 18.5= extra large, 24 = big "get it"